A bit about us....

Vision & Values

Brackenridge’s Vision: Supporting People to Create Great Lives

  • People with disabilities and their families have the same human rights as everyone else
  • People with disabilities should have choice and control over the support they need to go about their daily lives
  • People with disabilities should be involved in and in control of decisions made about their lives
  • People with disabilities need to be able to participate in all the aspects of their communities

One of Brackenridge’s most important Values is the pursuit of ‘quality’ and we are driven, in all our activities, to provide the highest-quality support to the people we serve.

The better we can be as an organisation, the more able we’ll be to achieve our vision of ‘Supporting People to Create Great Lives.’

We strive to have an Outcomes focus.  It supports the people we serve (and their families) in a more robust ‘quality’ context and is an inherently more person-centred approach which we aim to establish as ‘best practice’ by collaborating with stakeholders and providers across the sector.

It’s an exciting journey, for as we improve as an organisation, so too we improve our ability to deliver the highest-quality support to people we serve.


He aha te mea nui?                                                                                                                                                 
He tangata!
He tangata!
He tangata!
What is the most important thing?                  
It is people!
It is people!
It is people!

Brackenridge is committed to providing person-centred services.

Our ‘Outcomes-driven’ approach asks key questions of the people we support: What do you want to achieve to have a great life?  How can we support you to make this happen?

We can only know what a person wants in their life by talking to them and discovering what is important to them and why.

This information when gathered is used as part of our Individual Planning process where family, friends, key others along with support staff meet to put together the persons plan.

The plan allows short and long term goals the person wants to achieve and through a process of regular review the goals and outcomes for the person are monitored and assessed.

Brackenridge wants to ensure its practice always puts the person at the centre of what we do.  It is our goal to ensure every person in our service has a very good life.